Anton Galkin

I call myself a "roboticist."

My friends say it sounds like a robo-fetish, but I've used the word in front of some prominent figures in the field and none of them flinched.

As far as I'm concerned, it means "one who builds and programs robots."

Mostly, I build them - mechanical design is my specialty.

I'm always looking for new opportunities to yadda yadda yadda, contact me at my e-mail above. Thanks for reading!
Ramps for Lunar Rover Egress
Full-scale ramp prototype built to test deployment kinematics, prove feasibility and convey visual impact.
Robotic book scanner built to digitize textbooks.
(Photo: Chuck Russell)
Snake Robot Force Control
Feasibility research on implementing series elasticity in next generation snake robot.
(Photo: Florian Enner)
Connect-4 Robot
Intelligently and autonomously plays Connect-4 against another robot or human.
Product Design: Recreational Vehicles
Refined design concepts using extensive research, interviews, physical mock-ups and computer models.
Manufacturing Process Simulation
Calculate intermediate broaching profiles for arbitrary key-way shape.
Neural Network Music Identification
Classified music by genre using trained neural network.
Family Room Workstation
Custom designed desk & bar with built-in cable management, housing computer, printer, scanner, shredder, about 2000 CD-Rs, and a ton of office supplies.
Lego Storage Chest
Over 20,000 LEGO pieces organized inside compact and mobile custom-built cabinet.
Product Design: Retractable Console
Patented center console designed for office work in long-haul trucks conveniently retracts so users can move around truck cabin unimpeded.
Baseball Launcher
Sling-shot made from surgical tubing and PVC pipe won 1st place in competition.
Weight Lifting Crane
Truss system made from bent sheet metal with high strength, high stiffness and low weight.
Urban Search and Rescue Robot
Remote controlled, camera-equipped robot designed to traverse rubble and find survivors in mock-up USAR scenario.
Mobile Robot Programming Lab
Nomad Scout robot navigates and solves a maze with SONAR and scratch-built code.
(Photo: Jordan Parsons)
Nano-Robotics Swarm Aggregation
Computer model of swarm aggregation patterns seen in birds and fish.
Lego Creations
Various things I've built out of LEGO.
(Image: Huw "Lem" Davies)