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Various projects, various times

- Huw "Lem" Davies
In my youth I was infatuated with LEGO, and had the good fortune of obliging parents. All of my birthday and Christmas presents were invested in a growing city which enveloped most of my room:

Throughout college, if I ever used LEGO it was for robotics or prototyping mechanical designs. More recently however, I've started telling stories with my creations.

For example, here's a typical day at the office for my better half:

Finding black minifigs is no picnic - only one really exists, the Bespin Guard for an out-of-production Star Wars set.

This is me in my natural habitat; at my corner computer desk, somewhere between coffee and beer:

We'd go on various adventures together:

...and misadventures...

Eventually she got a new outfit:

This is a quadruped robot based on LEGO's ATAT; I swear, you can put a cat in any video and it'll get youtube hits:

A nifty little creation charitably nicknamed the "creepysaucer" because, according to some friends, its pilot looked like Michael Jackson. I guess it's the white gloves... though I swear this is a stock minifig from the Airport Shuttle set. Spinning a little wheel on the bottom would rotate the chair.

RoboClub got a bunch of random LEGO, and Priya challenges me to build "something with gears," so I oblige. 4 wheels power the rotating arm and fan-thing, the motors are just for counterweight ironically.

A little sub I made; not super innovative, but I still liked it. I really need a better alternative than the "lego bluescreen."

A Mindstorms-controlled elevator and observation deck for my legotown, back from 1999:

A plane I made with four-bar linkage landing gear. I like the shape, anyway:

A simple scissor lift I made to see how much force I could squeeze out of the pneumatics:

I always enjoy teasing my cat with mechatronics; much fewer scratches that way.